SLO- Journal Nr. 72. The Pomnik Cerje


The memorial to the defenders of the Slovenian soil stands at the viewing top of Cerje, on the western edge of the Karst plateau, from where a wide view opens to the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, Friuli, Dolomites, Julian Alps and the Vipava Valley.

The initiative for the installation of this monument to all those who fought and fell in this territory was created in the patriotic organization TIGR. i. The location and contextual design of the memorial were carefully considered.

The Pomnik is designed as a seven-storey tower or fortress that will connect its past with the future. The visitor will be able to walk through various periods of Slovenian history, breaking times – from prehistory to world wars, the war for the independence of Slovenia, to the last floor with a viewing platform that symbolizes the view into the future.