Rakek conference- Wednesday, 31 May

On Wednesday morning we made wicker baskets which are part of Slovenian cultural  heritage. Another group looked at various objects, specimen, plants and animals under a microscope. Then they tried to paint what they had seen. At the same time our school hosted the traditional regional art colony that aims at artistic expression of talented students. The participants of the art colony were students and teachers from primary schools Livada Ljubljana, Toneta Šraja Aljoše Nova vas, Janeza Hribarja Stari trg and Antona Globočnika Postojna.

In the afternoon the participants of Erasmus+ discovered the sights and characteristics of the surrounding area: they couldn’t stop wondering at the wonderful sights in Postojna Cave. In Karts Museum they got some insight into how this phenomenon (thousands of stalactites, stalagmites, columns and underground halls) was formed. At ‘Stara dama’ private museum collection in Predjama they could learn a bit about the Isonzo front from WWII and see the private collection of stuffed animals and hunting gear, but most of all they enjoyed the sight of the Predjama Castle.