About Slovenian school in RAKEK

There are 278 pupils in Primary School ‘Jože Krajc’ Rakek, 39 of those in the branch school in Unec. Our school is a modern, well equipped primary school with a long tradition – in November we celebrated 130 years of schooling in Rakek. In the last years we have hosted groups of kindergarten children and for several years also the music school. We have followed the principles of UNESCO schools and celebrated numerous international days. Every year there is a new project developed, like the international project ‘Roden’. UNESCO school encourages self-initiative, students’ creativity, singing, dance and focuses on friendship and warm relations. Naturally, we make sure of the impact of our work (in sports, culture and volunteering). We organize a Camp for the talented every two years, annual Art Colony for the regional schools, annual regional football tournament, we create a school magazine called Utrinki and take part in the Peace Poster Contest. We focus on volunteer activities. In the last few years we organized charity concerts to raise money for the School Fund Rakec, with which we help the talented and the socially impaired students.

For years we have been collecting money to sponsor education for Brian from Zambia through a kind of ‘remote adoption’ project.

We strive to achieve a common goal: achievement of every single student, friendship and warm relations. Our motto has been the same for four years: with knowledge and heart we encourage collective learning and mutual cooperation.

We often organize different kinds of competitions and popular events.