1st Primary Schoold Diavata

About Greek partner – 1st Primary School of Diavata Thessaloniki

The 1st Primary School Diavata Thessaloniki is a Primary School in Diavata, which is a town near Thessaloniki in the north of Greece. It’ s situated in the center of the town and it’s near the park, the Health Center and the shops.

The building is old with two floors. There are ten, large, sunny classrooms, two large offices (one for the headmaster and one for the teachers), a computer lab, a large playground and a basketball court. It looks clean, beautiful and modern.

There are children from a lot of different countries such as Albania, Russia, Bulgaria and Georgia. There are 320 students who are kind, smart and well – behaved.

There are about 30 teachers who are well qualified, strict, happy and trained. They teach different subjects. In studies our school shows good results every year. It also has many firsts to its credit. It has won a lot of trophies in inner school debates and contests. Our school is GREAT!