About Bulgarian partner

“Nikolaj Katranov” is located and acts in small town in Bulgaria-Svishtov with 30000 population.The school was founded in 1964. The students are coming from different families-i.e. Working class, intellectuals, businessmen and clerical staff. About 10% of them are coming from jobless families, i.e. both parents are unemployed. 25 students travel every day from the near village, because there isn`t school there.
It is challenge for the teachers achieve integration of children from different social groups in the school life. We also have students with special educational needs, children with emotional disorders, behaviour disorders and attention deficit disorder.
Considering the differences among the students we have conformed the constitution of the school staff. Except the subject teachers- we also have a school adviser and an assistant teacher taking care of students with specific learning difficulties and behaviour.
With this project,teachers from our school and other European countries have a chance to work together for children by promoting healthy eating, traditions, . In addition, students can gain knowledge about other countries and traditions in food.
The language skills of students and teachers have to become more successful. We can encourage children in their ability to communicate with friends from European countries.
Our attending in National and in projects for European cooperation on programme ‘Longlife learnig” will enriches and increases the quality of educational process, it contributed to put in practice new educational strategies and to work out pedagogical technologies.