SLO- VIP Nr. 21. Francesco Robba

Francesco Robba is an Italian sculptor who was born on 1st May 1698 in Venice and died on 24th  January 1757 in Zagreb.

Robba spent most of his life in Ljubljana. He was first mentioned in a document in 1722 when he married Terezija, the daughter of the Ljubljana stonemason, Luka Mislej, but Robba may have come to Ljubljana before. In 1727, after the death of his father in law, he took over a stonecutter’s workshop in Ljubljana. He soon worked on important sacral objects, such as the Ljubljana and Zagreb cathedrals, and he set up two central city monuments in Klagenfurt (St. John of Nepomuk) and Ljubljana: Monument to St. Trinity, Narcissus fountain, Statue of St. Janez Nepomuk on the facade of the church of St. Florjan in Ljubljana (1727) and the most famous work – The fountain of the three Carniolan rivers (more often the name Robba’s fountain is used).