SLO- VIP Nr. 20. Josip Ukmar

Josip Ukmar is a Slovenian naturalist. He was born in 1894 in Kopriva, and he died in 1982 in Sežana.

He attended school in his place of birth (1900-1907), a trade assistant school in Trieste (1908-1911). Here he was employed as a merchant apprentice and assistant from 1911-1914 and 1919-1925. In the meantime, he was mobilized in 1914, sent to the front in Galicia, and from 1915-1919 in Russian captivity. In 1926, he moved to Ljubljana and was until 1940 an independent trader. In the autumn of 1941, he returned to Kopriva and joined the NOB as an informant of the village work group of the OF for the POS in the Karst, gave shelter to political workers and the possibility of illegal meetings at home.

In the years 1945-1966 he worked as a field researcher and rapporteur with many institutions, including: J. Hadžija Institute of Biology, Chemical Institute, Forestry Institute of Slovenia and the Beekeeping Institute. Due to an extraordinary interest in natural sciences, especially for botany, he listened to the lectures of F. Jesenko, J. Hadži, G. Tomažič and as a self-taught student, he developed into a recognized naturalist, pomologist and phytocenologist. In the Karst he studied flora and fauna, plant communities, phytocenology and organized phytocenological excursions. In 1956, he became an honoured member of the Sežana forestry section (for the merit of afforestation of the Karst); In 1975, he received the recognition of the land register Community for the Karst in Sežana. He wrote a number of articles on olives, vines, xerophytic, medicinal and ornamental plants, on diseases and pests, and on karst soil, and published them in various newspapers. He is also important as a collector of terminological terms in biology.