TR-VIP STEM-9-Prof.Dr.Hulusi Behçet-The Founder of Behcet’s syndrome

Prof.Dr. Hulusi Behçet was born on February 20, 1889 in Istanbul. He graduated from Gülhane Military Medical Academy in 1910 and then he specialized in Dermatology and Venereal Diseases. He served in the Edirne Military Hospital between 1914-1918 and then went to Budapest and Berlin to improve his knowledge. In 1923, he started at the Istanbul Medical Faculty as an academic staff and with university reform in 1933, he was appointed as a professor to Department of Dermatology and Venereal Diseases and continued his career there until his death in 1948. Prof.Dr. Hulusi Behçet was the first person who took the professor degree in Turkish Academy. Three patients whom he had consulted for years and who shared similar symptoms made him suspect a new disease and a viral etiology which may play a role in the appearance of this disease. After several discussions and publications, medical literature had accepted Behçet’s Disease as a special entity. Prof.Dr.  Behçet published a total of 196 articles, 53 of which were published in prestigious international journals.