İBN-i SİNA is a well-known philosopher and medicine scholar who grew up in the Turkish-Islamic world.He was known in Western as Avicenna.  In 980 (H.370) he was born in Afşan near Buhara. In 1037 (H.428) he died in Hemedan. Ibn Sina had professin in the sciences of medicine, mathematics, logic, philosophy, astronomy, physics, chemistry, pharmacology, literature and archeology. He was popular most in medicine. As a medical specialist, his priorities changed many methods in medical science and he made many discoveries. İbn-iSina had  about one hundred and seventy masterpieces in the field of medicine and the most popular one was called El-Kanun fit-tib. This book was consisted of five volumes and written in short notes and abstracts. It was translated into Latin in 12. century and became a      textbook in European universities.