TR-VIP STEM-14. Ord.Prof. Kerim Erim

Ord. Prof. Kerim Erim graduated from Istanbul Higher School of Engineering (1914) and he worked as a lecturer with Albert Einstein in Berlin University (1919) After graduating from Istanbul Technical University, he worked for Istanbul University and He became a professor-in-ordinary at the Istanbul University in 1948. Between 1940 and 1952 he was chairman of the Mathematics Institute of the Istanbul University Faculty of Science. He played an active role in the spread of high mathematics teaching in Turkey and in the settlement of modern mathematics. He also pioneered the foundation of mathematics and physics based on the philosophy of mathematics and physics. Erim had German and Turkish works.Some of these are:
Nazari Account (1931), Mihanik (1934), Differential and Integral Calculus (1945), Über die Traghe-its-formen eines modulsystems (1928)