TR-VIP STEM-13. Prof. Asım Orhan Barut

Asım Orhan Barut (1926 Malatya – 1994 Denver Colorado) Turkish theoretical physicist.

Asım Orhan Barut was born in Malatya. He graduated from Malatya High School and entered Istanbul Technical University. In 1944 he won a state scholarship and went to Switzerland. In Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule (1949) and Ph.D. (1952) in Switzerland. After working as a researcher in this educational institution, he went to the US and worked as a researcher and lecturer at various universities (University of Chicago, University of Syracuse, Syracuse University, etc.). He was awarded the 1982 TÜBİTAK Science Award for his outstanding international publications and works on mathematical physics and particle physics. In the following years, Barut, a professor at the University of Colorado (USA), had many scientific publications.