Köprülü Kanyon is a Köprüçay valley that starts in the Sütçüler district of Isparta and falls into the sea in Antalya, suitable for rafting. The main source of the river is the water coming from the river of Aksu, which is the town of Isparta, and the Karacahisar village of Isparta.

The beginning of the Köprülü Canyon is located in the south-east of Isparta. There are two historical bridges at the beginning of the region which can be rafted in Köprülü Kanyon which consists of narrow valleys about 25 km from November to the Değirmenözü Village of Antalya. The bridge, built by a small master and a large arched bridge, was built by the master’s master and gave the name of the bridge. These bridges known as Oluk Köprü and Büğrüm Köprü are architectural structures bearing Roman features.