SLO-Ledger Nr. 52. Port of Koper

Port of Koper (in Slovene: Luka Koper) is the only Slovenian international freight port. It is geographically positioned to represent the closest connection between Central and Eastern Europe to the Mediterranean.

The port was built in 1957 and the boom was experienced after 1967, when it became a railway link with the hinterland. Today, the port is directly linked to the European rail and motorway system and has the status of a border point of the European Union. The hinterland of the port extends across the whole of Central and Eastern Europe, from Slovenia, Austria, to Hungary, Italy, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and southern Germany. The transfer takes place 24 hours a day.

Luka Koper is a multipurpose port with 12 specialized terminals: Container and ro-ro terminal, Car terminal, General cargo terminal, Fruit terminal, Wood terminal, Mineral and mineral terminal, Cereal and rudder terminal, Terminal for alumina, European Energy Terminal, Liquid Cargo Terminal, Livestock Terminal and Passenger Terminal.

The sea in the port is from 7 to 18 meters deep. Ships with a capacity of 180,000 tons can be accepted.

In 2014 Luka Koper accepted a freight ship with maximum load capacity. The CMA CMG Cenderillon was 334 meters long and has brought 3,800 containers to Koper.