SLO- Journal Nr. 43. Predjama castle

Near the Postojna Caves lies the Predjama Castle.

The castle is accessible only from one side, but the legend says that the Erazem robber provided food and drink through a secret passage leading to the surface from the old castle. Meanwhile, the Emperor’s army besieged his castle for a year and a day. Erazem only succumbed to the trick of opponents and the corrupt servant.

The city was first mentioned in 1274, when the original Gothic-shaped castle Luegg was built by the Aquileian patriarch. Under a rocky vault high in the wall, a hard-to-reach castle was built in a gigantic duplicate, which was later enlarged and transformed by the Luegg family, also called the Knights of Predjama. The Luegers, as they also called them, were the provincial knights and knights of Predjama. Erazem Jamski later joined King Matthias Korvin, which prompted the Austrian Emperor to the Trieste chief Baron Gašper Ravbar to take the Erasmus vanguard vengeance. After a prolonged siege of the Predjama castle, Erasmus was cunningly killed in 1484, and the castle fell under the rule of the noble Oberburgs and Purgstalls.