SLO- Journal Nr. 41. Crystal palace

The crystal palace is a skyscraper in Ljubljana, which belongs to the BTC shopping centre on Šmartinska street in the town area of Nove Jarše, and is the tallest building in Slovenia with 89 meters in height and 20 floors. The building was built between 2009 and 2011 according to architects Brane Smole and Denis Simčič; the final height was reached at the end of September 2010, and the official opening was in May 2011.

The building, which according to the original plans was going to reach height of 100 meters, is intended for business and trade activities. It has a characteristic shape with support columns that protrude up to the height of the second floor outward; from there a skyscraper towards the top slowly sharpens. The building has 20 storeys of business premises.

Within the building there are also: congress hall, covered market, restaurant, pastry shop, and medical centre, roof park and solar power plant.