SLO- Journal Nr. 39. Foresda- project

Project Summary


Supporting the transformation, strengthen the competitiveness of traditional forest-based industries This is one of the main objectives of the FORESDA – ‘Forest-based cross sectoral value chains fostering innovation and competitiveness in the Danube Region’ project which started officially on the 1st of January 2017 and lasts 30 months.  Forest-based industries have the potential to become the engine for sustainable and competitive bio economy in the Danube Region, but, unfortunately they suffer from significant disparities, low level of internationalization, lack of cooperation, weak innovation culture, etc. Therefore, FORESDA was built-up in order to support the transformation of traditional forest-based industries.





Through its activities, FORESDA will transform the traditional forest-based areas into innovative, modern areas, develop innovation-friendly ecosystems aiming to improve or reconfigure the existing value chains; improve innovation culture in SME’s,  and  also strengthen collaboration in the quadruple helix and implement new ways of collaboration in the Danube area. Its objectives will strongly support knowledge transfer, collaboration and innovation towards a more resource and energy efficient and environmentally sustainable Danube region.





Naslov: FORESDA – Forest-based cross-sectoral value chains fostering innovation and competitiveness in the Danube region
Slovenian partners: Gozdarski inštitut Slovenije in Lesarski grozd
Financer: Evropski sklad za regionalni razvoj
Pogodbena sredstva: 2,2 mio EUR
Trajanje: 1. januar 2017 – 1. junij 2019