SLO- Journal Nr. 27. Noise in Luka Koper

On 5 April, within the framework of the European SUPAIR project, as part of the Interreg Adrion program, we organized a meeting with representatives and members of the local communities at the to discuss the issue of noise, especially the noise emitted from ships that the legislation, even at the international level, has entirely circumvented. The meeting was an opportunity to inform the participants about the mitigation measures already implemented by the Port of Koper and the future plans in this regard. Participants also had the opportunity to learn more about foreign practice in the sphere of noise management and to get acquainted with possible technical solutions that need to be examined and, above all, agreed with the local communities.

Luka Koper has regularly measured noise for years and has published the measurements on its sustainability portal: The legislation regulating noise limits in ports differs from the legislation which applies to roads and railways, where the limit values ​​are set higher. Another problem linked to legislation is that it does not specifically address the noise generated by low frequencies, which are perceived by human beings as vibrations. “All the measurements carried out in the Port of Koper showed that the real problem was the low frequencies. With a special acoustic camera, we also determined which ships were most problematic from this point of view. The most effective measure would be if the ships solved the problem already at the source, with silencers and similar measures, but again, no one can force the shipping companies to do so, because there is no statutory basis,” said Jurij Prezel from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana, who presented some alternative approaches which need to be carefully studied.