SLO- Journal Nr. 26. Ljubljana Clinical Center succeeds autotransplantation of the heart twice

We have news from Ljubljana. A 52-year-old patient had a big tumour on her heart and she needed an operation to remove the tumour. It was removed by Dr. Tomislav Kolokočovnik. The operation is called autotransplantation of the heart. Dr. Tomislav Kolokočovnik first attached the patient to the extracellular blood circulation. Then he removed her heart. He was operating the heart in a bucket full of ice. This operation was very difficult because he could not affect the pumping function of the heart. There was a hear wall missing because the tumour was very big. The doctor replaced it with biological material. Then he put the heart inside the chest. The operation was successful and the patient was very happy.

Miro Košak was a Slovenian doctor and the first in the world who performed autotransplantation of the heart. He did it in 1986.