RO. Ledger No. 45- Romania Meeting LTTA and TPM 13-17 nov. 2017

In November 2017 our school hosted the LTTA and the TPM.

It was a great experience to have our partners from Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey, Slovenia, Greece and Spain in our school. During the meetings in this project students stayed in the hotel so the time spent in school, in museums or science centers was the opportunity for them to get to know each other, to collaborate and to have fun! We tried to organize activities to be interesting and fun, useful and interactive . We formed groups mixing students from different countries to make them talk and work together.

13 nov. 2017 First day in school



In the morning we visited the school and in the afternoon we had an activity guided by our English teacher, Ivan Iuliana

spectacle organized in school with traditional dances, singing.


Our headteacher welcome everyone and presented our guests from Inspectorate : Harabagiu Anca, Nicolae Tony and our special guest from Town Counsel , the vicepresident Lungu Romeo


Partners presented us also a traditional song, a dance or a game.

It was really fun…we had games,  puzzles , cookies from Czech Republic





First meeting with coordinators:


14th of november 2017

The group had the chance to visit Dracula’ s Castle, in Brasov. A legend, a myth or a part of our history. The guide explain why Vlad Tepes  is considered Dracula, and he told us about that historical moment. They were impressed by the architectural style of the Castle.

in the afternoon