RO. Ledger No. 44- Pottery : necessity and art inspired by nature.

In november, before our partners came in Romania for the LTTA and TPM , the religion teacher Matei Roxana, had an activity about POTTERY. Nice ideea ! It was a great opportunity to talk about  history.  A great part of the history of pottery is prehistoric part of past pre-literate cultures. Therefore, much of this history can only be found among the artifacts of archaeology. Because pottery is so durable, pottery and sherds of pottery survive from millennia atarchaeological sites. 

Hand-shaping was the earliest method used to form vessels.Early potters used whatever clay was available to them in their geographic vicinity. However, the lowest quality common red clay was adequate for low-temperature fires used for the earliest pots. Clays tempered with sand, grit, crushed shell or crushed pottery were often used to make bonfire-fired ceramics because they provided an open-body texture that allowed water and other volatile components of the clay to escape freely. The coarser particles in the clay also acted to restrain shrinkage during drying, and hence reduce the risk of cracking. they learnt about Romanian pottery 


They were interested in pottery ! 

 The teacher and an artist from Town Museum, Stefan Daniela,   taught them how to create small piece of art . 

Nowadays , pottery become a hobby . The students tried to surprise our partners with beautiful decorations made by themselves.