CZ – Ledger Nr. 42 – Building Lego Church

At the end of November, the children from afterschool club managed to end the project “Church”.

Our goal was to build the Church of the Sacred Heart of the Lord from Slovenian architect Josip Plečnik, which will be exhibited at the Prague 3 Information Center.

At first, it seemed like a playful and very light task that even a small child could do, in fact it was a very challenging task.

If we wanted to do a good job, it was necessary to get in touch with with someone who can design the construction and determine what kind of components we need.

Here comes the help directly from the ambassador of Slovenia, Mr. Leon Marco, who immediately contacted us with young students of architecture. We also gratefully received help from Vojtech Vyskočil, aa ex-pupil of our school.

He, through the Lego programme, designed a church study and added the necessary inventory components.

Another problem was with the purchase because some components could not be bought in the Czech Republic.

But our headmaster, Mr. Kopecký solved this difficult task in the short time.

A group of children could start building under the supervision of Ivana Pecháčková and Zuzana Klonová. After a hard work, the construction was completed at the end of November.

For all who participated in this project, it was a great challenge and thanks everyone for being great
support, help, and enthusiasm with which they embarked on the work.

The result speaks for everything.

Great thanks to everyone!