CZ VIP Nr. 9 – Prokop Diviš


Is it raining? Do you like storm? I do… 

I was a priest and in the 18th century priest had to be as well a scientist, a physician and a musician. I liked it. Humanity know me like the inventor of the lightning rod. 

I liked to work with electricity in my studies nad lightning in storm is full of electricity. I met as well Marie Terezie because of my experiments and I got golden medal. In these days I was in contact with whole world, physicists… I mean. 1754 was the most important year in my life. I built a machine for capturing electricity from clouds and that was my lightning rod. 

Electricity was so amazing form me and I experimented as well with electric musical instruments, called Denis d´Or. And of course I knew that electricity was really good mean in healthcare for treatment of various forms of paralysis, rheumatism and muscle cramps. 

So, do you like rain? And what about storm?