CZ VIP Nr. 10 – Otto Wichterle


I´m a Czech scientist and inventor, working mainly in the field of macromolecular organic chemistry. Iˇam known mainly because of the invention of contact lenses, but I also discovered a silon. Did you know it? Of course not… But silon is really important for production of socks and stockings. Bata´s factory was really good experience and I made there Nylon. 

My best invention, gel contact lenses… and the year 1958, I was thrown out of work (chemical institue in Prague). Whole my work was destroyed. And I discovered the best think for humanity at home with Merkur… They didn´t trust me, so I had to work with USA to cooperate with. Bad days… I lived in communism Czech country and for my patent I had to fight in USA for more than 10 years. 

I died in 1998, like a well known scientist, profesor of two american college and till my end I was in contact chemistry.