CZ – Ledger Nr. 37 – Agricultural museum

Our younger pupils first went through Letna park where they talked about autumn and Prague. Thanks to the favorable weather, they enjoyed the view of Prague, and they also recognized many
of major Prague buildings.

They went on to the Agricultural Museum, where they visited the Hunting, Fisheries and “recycForest” – stories of forest worlds exhibitions.

The exhibition “recycForest” – stories of forest worlds exhibitions presents the journey through the forest world. When the sounds of forest seeds, falling from the fertile crown of a mythical tree, sound in the forest astrology, children go out with the narrators for a playful journey to the places where the mysterious forces give their own instructions to the energy of the forest world, preserved in the fruits and seeds of the forest trees, eternal cycle.

The pupils also visited the roof of the museum with the Living Garden. Children enjoyed visiting the museum thanks to many interactive features.