CAT/SP VIP Person Nr. 13 – Ignàsia Salvans – STEM by Art in Manresa (Medicine & Art)

Ignacia Salvans  (Manresa, June 18, 1906 – Barcelona, ​​April 23, 1970) was a doctor specializing in gynecology.

In 1921 She began his medical studies and graduated in 1928 with the excellent qualification. During the study of the degree She was an internal student of the Chair of Microbiology with Professor Jaume Ferran and Clua. In the 1930s she was assistant to the Pathology and Anatomy of the Faculty of Medicine in Barcelona. In 1959 She won the doctorate with the thesis Study of the histopathological alterations of the peripheral nervous system in the vulvar craurosis. In 1964 She ended the degree in pharmacy. She devoted her professional career to gynecology. Together with her husband she published several articles. In addition, She was the chief of the Social Security’s surgical team.

In parallel to her work as a scientist, She cultivated drawing and painting and participated in exhibitions by doctors’ artists.