CAT/SP – News n. 48 – The Catalan Government will use drones to search for lost people and to eliminate pests

Search for lost hikers in the mountain, eliminate agricultural pests or inspect electrical lines. They are some of the functions that the drones can do very efficiently, and for this reason, the Catalan government Generalitat wants to promote them within the different departments. With this in mind, the Director of Public Policy and Public Administration, Jordi Puigneró, announced an investment of 100,000 euros to hire unmanned aircrafts.

“We want to make the Generalitat a more modern and innovative administration to be able to make these services more effective”, said Puigneró .  The new technology opens up a wide range of possibilities. «Drones can provide high added value services», he said. For this reason, he added, “we want to promote the use of this technology within the Government when it comes to providing services in many areas: agriculture, emergencies, security …”.