CAT/SP – News n. 33 – A Local Learning Camp will train teachers on wineries in Manresa

The process of wine making and the history of the vineyard in Bages is very important

The camp organizes a thematic conference every year to work the experimental sciences. Primary school teachers or high school teachers can participate.

The Abadal winery will be visited as a possibility to later organsie visits with the schools, in order to know how wine is made at present and compare it with what was done in the past.

The last sessions will be done in the laboratory, where different experiments will be made to analyze the properties of the wine, as a distillation to know the degree of alcohol, the evaluation of Acidity or yeast observation with a microscope.

The purpose of these conferences is to equip the teachers with the tools to work the vineyard and wine in the classroom as well as outside the classroom. A theme that it is considered very relevant to understand the history of our county – Bages.