CAT/SP – News n. 28 – Manresa’s Cathedral plan in 3D

Manresa’s Cathedral has become the object of desire for scholars. The University of Berlin and the University of Bamberg have chosen the basilica to carry out the work of a master’s degree on restoration and heritage analysis. Among others, this last study will serve to have a three-dimensional plan. This is the first time that one will be done.


The authors of the master’s degree research are Lena Kunzmann, who has studied Interior Design, and Leonhard Salzer, who has done History. The tutor of the project of the two students is Àngel Menargues, who is a Doctor in architecture and restoration at the University of Bamberg in the specialty of archeology of buildings.


Considering that the churches and cathedrals of Germany are already well studied, Menargues thought it would be interesting that the two students chose a building outside and proposed Manresa.