CAT/SP – News n. 25 – The cybersecurity congress No cON Name, held in Barcelona, brought together 300 professionals, hackers and students

Professional highlights of the increasingly influential world of computer security attended last weekend at the Faculty of Biology of the University of Barcelona (UB), at the XV edition of the Convention No CON Name. With the assistance of 300 people, according to the organization, hot topics were debated such as the lack of security of the Internet of Things.


One of the most impressive images was that of the Polish-born Jakub Korepta, showing the audience how he entered a safe connected to the Internet. Korepta is a member of the Polish team of hacking Dragon Sector competitions. On Saturday, he explained Barcelona a new technique that allows him to assault devices of the so-called Internet of Things, among them strong boxes.
Luis Enrique Benítez, from Internet Security Auditors, also spoke about the Internet of Things, the “trending topic”. Benitez explained that this Internet of Things is made up of millions of cars, medical devices, all home automation including washing machines, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, toys, televisions and lots of city services “smart”, such as trash bins that warn when they are full or bicycle parking lots connected to mobile applications. Everything is “hackable.