CAT/SP – News n. 24 – An 18 year old Catalan, among the most influential young people in Europe

“The child prodigy of technology”. He is called Àlex Sicart, he is Catalan, he is 18 years old and he is considered one of the most influential young people in Europe. This is what the prestigious Forbes magazine says, which has included him on the list of the 300 young people with the greatest influence on the old continent.

Sicart says that he learned to program with only 10 years and that his parents have no knowledge of technology. “Technology came to me because I spend hours on my computer,” he explains. The young man from Barcelona points out that he does not want to go to university because “I learn more when I have control of my own education.”

Entrepreneurship comes from far. When he was a child, with a friend, he invented an application to do homework. The head of studies proposed them to participate in an ideas creation contest and they ended up creating an application to help students to do their homework. He is finishing secondary school, but in the afternoon he works to prepare the internet of the future: “I want people to access the new internet, a technology that can help us everyone to be more free in the network. “