CAT/SP – News n. 23 – Catalan video games add up to 650 million users since 2010 – The sector generates 1,687 direct jobs and 1,300 indirect jobs

The Catalan videogame sector didn’t have much data, but that ended yesterday, thanks to the presentation of the most complete study so far of this activity. Thus, it is estimated that throughout its existence (2010) up to 650 million players have downloaded or bought a game produced in Catalonia. If the data for the last six years is analyzed, the joint turnover of the 120 companies in the country exceeds 1,000 million euros. The sector generates 1,687 direct jobs and 1,300 indirect jobs. Catalonia accounts for 40% of everything that is invoiced by the video game industry in Spain.

The presentation of data -in the framework of the Gamelab fair, held from yesterday to Friday- also served to formalize the entry of the entity Devicat (Developers and Editors of Video Games in Catalonia) to Proa, the federation that groups the audiovisual producers. Those responsible for this sector took the opportunity to demand a modification of the legal mechanisms so that they can finance videogames in the same way as cinema. They justified that it is an expanding activity: they expect to exceed 600 million euros of turnover in 2019.